An Unknown Journey to create the future…

…to hack nature. But wait, no! Nature hacked us!

“I dare you! Say business model once again!” (JP)

Now let’s fill this digital diary of our journey with life, love and content and see what it will bring. Hit me in the nature 2.0 discord channel with content.

  • Kick-Off Session Of The Collective
    On 17th December 2020, we had our kick-off call. For all who weren’t able to attend. This is the recorded video when Stan shared with us the vision. Stan works for the ministry of infrastructure and water management in the Netherlands. The video is about 38 min. If you would like to just listen to […]
  • Thoughts, Proposals and Next Steps
    This is the first email which Jan-Peter Doomernik sent us after the Odyssey Moment on 29th November 2020 at 7:51 pm. I made minimal changes (typos, punctuation). Hi all, We can imagine that like us you can not wait to start to work on your Pilot proposal and that you want to get going and […]